Context and Opportunities

Refurbishment projects are characterized by the development and revitalization of properties and, oftentimes, the area surrounding them as well. Through these projects we have actively contributed to the revitalization of both Rio de Janeiro’s and São Paulo’s historic downtown districts. Transcending a simple real estate operation, regaining the riches of the past and bringing new life to forgotten buildings are all inspiring missions, to which we are whole-heartedly dedicated.

State of the Art Technology

Refurbishment is an art form still undiscovered by the Brazilian market

Revitalization of older buildings does not tend to emerge in places where, historically, space is plentiful and reasonably priced. However, in the last few years, space has become a valuable asset in cities like São Paulo and Rio. This new scenario has led to the birth of revitalization projects, which are now not only financially sound, but also beneficial to the urban fabric. The fact that those who live far from central zones must cope with large amounts of traffic, combined with the latent beauty and magic of downtown regions and their landmark buildings highlight the benefits of Refurbishment. Meanwhile, the lack of funding for these projects, the delicate economic environment Brazil is currently facing, and the limited know-how of Brazil’s key real estate players in actually developing and implementing successful Refurbishment projects are all factors that limit the amount of competition faced when acquiring buildings that can be revitalized. This is beneficial to those with the actual know-how, for prices of these types of properties are kept below industry averages.


Brute diamonds exist, but must be found and polished

There are countless revitalization opportunities to be had in places like downtown São Paulo. The challenge is grasping the potential of a historic building and how to leverage it. Where most see just “an old building”, our team imagines a change in layout, in usage, an opportunity to be creative and implement modern technology.

Through a mixture of Brazilian and European culture — the Europe in which reinventing existing buildings has been customary for centuries — we have built the necessary basis for understanding the local market and granting new life to properties that have fallen out of use. We rely on the prowess of the top Refurbishment experts in the market: architects, engineers, construction managers and investors, all with unparalleled experience, both in Brazil and abroad.


We have selected two projects we believe epitomize our vision.


Sustainability and Modernity


Fazenda Catuçaba

Purity and Beauty


433 – Student Residence & Restaurants

Transforming a Hotel into a Student Residence


Marajó – Residential

Polishing a residential gem