Auctions & Distressed

Context and Opportunities

Another front we have acted on successfully are judicial auctions in Rio de Janeiro. Properties bought at auctions cannot be financed, which means buyers must pay costs upfront, thus limiting the range of competitors and frequently leading to attractive pricing.

The challenges facing the current real estate market and its players generate diversified investment opportunities in “distressed assets”, be it through refinancing or purchases at a highly discounted rate.


We have selected properties located in sought out neighborhoods, where resale is guaranteed. After a basic renovation of the property, we resell it and distribute profit-shares to our clients.

We have the capability to identify, analyze, structure and seek out investors that have good fundamentals, but are in need of capital. The concession of real guarantees, among other factors, ensure that contribution goals are met.


Examples of acquisitions through auctions

Penthouse Duplex – Jardim Botânico

High-end property acquired at a fraction of market price


Penthouse Duplex – Jardim Oceânico

Typical example of distressed asset acquisition